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  Antenatal Classes – From Pregnancy, To Hospital, To Home, In One Day!
Welcome to antenatal-classes.ie, delivered by Doreen Buckley. This website provides information on the one-day antenatal classes provided in Dublin that will prepare you for the later stages of your pregnancy and the birth itself. Our antenatal classes will show you, through practical demonstrations and open discussions, everything you’ll need to flourish once your new baby arrives and you leave hospital. When attending antenatal classes you want to be sure that you are getting solid advice and so this site also provides more information on Doreen’s vast experience and expertise in this field and includes some helpful advice along with some hints and tips that you will find useful.

Why Take Antenatal Classes?

Antenatal classes help you prepare for the new life you have embarked on. Having a baby literally changes your life. Overnight you become somebody's Mum or Dad and are completely responsible for that little person's welfare; with all the trials and tribulations, joys and triumphs that go with it. Previously you were completely in charge of your own life, whereas when your baby arrives, you have a little someone else to consider before you do anything else.

People cope with these changes differently; some take to it as naturally as breathing, but most find the transition more difficult. No matter how easy or difficult it is for you, one thing is for sure; getting some expert advice, through antenatal classes, can help you to transition into your new life and provide the reassurance and knowledge to handle any situation.

Antenatal Classes - The Antidote To The Pressures Of Modern Pregnancy

21st Century living doesn’t make huge allowances for pregnant women or mums with tiny babies and in many cases (especially where a pregnant woman is already the mother of a small child) women are expected to carry on exactly as before.

Luckily parenthood doesn’t happen instantly and the nine months of pregnancy provide you with precious time to adjust to your new role as a parent and prepare for the arrival of your new baby. One thing that hasn’t changed is the wealth of “advice” you will receive from everyone around you. Some of it is good and some is woefully poor, but how do you know which is which?

About Antenatal Classes

Antenatal classes, also known as pre-natal classes (and mistakenly called “anti-natal”) will provide all the information you need to manage and even enjoy the arrival of your new baby. Doreen’s four decades of experience in midwifery, baby care and teaching allows her to deliver a class that provides all the information you will need and desire. During the one day Saturday antenatal class, you will be prepared for every occurrence, you will gain a solid understanding of your baby before he or she even arrives, from “why is he/she crying?” to “why can’t I get anything done?” and even “how am I supposed to get any sleep?” All this and more is covered in an informal and relaxed group session or can be delivered one-to-one if preferred.

About Post Natal Classes

Our post natal classes are ideal if you have had a baby and were not able to attend our antenatal class. Rather than in a group, the post-natal class is more like a consultation. This is more beneficial, as we find that new mothers and fathers prefer a more personal forum that allows them to discuss the problems and issues they are experiencing more openly.

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The menu items at the top of this page allow you to navigate the site and view the more in-depth information about our antenatal classes and post-natal classes. You can also read more about Doreen Buckley and her decades of experience in baby care. However if you have any specific questions or would like to make a booking, please feel free to contact us.

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